Harish Khatri

In an exclusive interaction with Travel And Tour World, Mr. Harish Khatri, Founder & MD, India Assist shares his views on how India Assist is working with the industry providing real time assistance through a dedicated parented platform.

Travel And Tour World: Share with us how India Assist is working?


Harish Khatri: India Assist is revolutionizing the travel assistance industry by providing real-time assistance services through our patented platform. With our user-friendly mobile app, travelers can access comprehensive solutions to a wide range of problems they may encounter during their journeys. Whether it’s a medical emergency, loss of baggage, altercations, or unforeseen circumstances, India Assist is there to bridge the gap and provide 24×7 assured assistance. Our goal is to ensure that travelers feel safe, supported, and empowered throughout their travels, both within India and abroad.



Travel And Tour World: Tell us about how you are working to promote sustainable travel, experiential travel, digital transformation and wellness tourism, etc.


Harish Khatri: At India Assist, we are deeply committed to promote sustainable travel, experiential travel, digital transformation, and wellness tourism. We recognize the importance of preserving our environment and cultural heritage for future generations. With our partnership with local people, and availability of ground staff — India Assist provides an enhanced travel experience to travellers out there. India Assist is working on a franchise based model, where it operates through travel partners who provide IA services alongside other coupled services, and this helps us to provide bespoke travel experiences to travellers embarking onto their journeys. Through strategic collaborations with stakeholders from the tourism industry and government organizations, we are working towards creating a healthy ecosystem that encourages responsible travel practices. By incorporating sustainable initiatives, encouraging authentic local experiences, leveraging digital technologies for seamless travel experiences, and prioritizing wellness tourism, we aim to enhance the overall travel experience while minimizing our impact on the environment.


Travel And Tour World: How technology is reshaping the travel and tourism industry?


Harish Khatri: Technology is reshaping the travel and tourism industry in remarkable ways. It has become an integral part of every traveler’s journey, from the planning phase to the actual travel experience. Technology has made travel more accessible, efficient, and personalized. With the advent of mobile apps, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and IoT devices, travelers can now access real-time information, personalized recommendations, and instant assistance at their fingertips. Technology has also transformed the way we book accommodations, plan itineraries, navigate destinations, and connect with local communities. At India Assist, we leverage technology to provide seamless assistance services to enhance the travel experience, and create a connected ecosystem that benefits both travelers and industry stakeholders.



Travel And Tour World: What are the approaches that India Assist uses to assist its travelers & tourists?


Harish Khatri: India Assist employs a range of approaches to assist its travelers and tourists. Firstly, our mobile app offers a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing travelers to access immediate assistance with just a few taps on their smartphones. Through our extensive network of partners and alliances, we provide comprehensive solutions for various travel-related challenges, including medical emergencies, theft, loss of baggage, language barriers, and verified information, when travelling to a completely new location. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures round-the-clock support, leveraging our advanced GPS tracking technology to reach travelers in distress without any hassle. Additionally, at India Assist — we work closely with travel partners and other service providers to deliver connected travel experiences as a whole.


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